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The Unattended - One4Review

The nerve centre of a Newcastle shopping centre during the long boring hours of the night, the domain of two security guards, both one time policemen, both watching but what are they actually seeing? The premise for an hours entertainment?  Actually Yes! Awaiting the new trainee when the stranger arrives but how did he get in? A local well publicised robbery with the cash in a Burberry holdall, a similar one to that which is suddenly spotted on the screen in the centre of a secured deserted mall.  Is it the proceeds from the robbery or could it be a bomb? Well the whole city is on high alert after terrorist threats. How well do you know your colleague even after spending months together with nothing to do except watch monitors, make tea, do the occasional walk round and go to the toilet? This stranger arrives and things change. Beautifully written by Daniel Maier the play left me wanting to scream but who was he! The three actors are totally convincing all through the piece, the performers are Dave Johns, Peter G Reed and Brendan Patricks This is an excellent mystery well worth seeing and one which would make a great TV play. *****

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