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Misconception - One4Review

3 Stars


Dilemmas abound in Bill Dare’s well acted satire. Jimmy (Toby Longworth) and Louise (Sian Reeves) are a happily married couple in their early 40’s. They are childless through choice and circumstance. Jimmy is no lover of children. Motor bikes, gambling and generally having a good time are his priorities in life. Louise has known for many years that she is barren but takes the pill to regulate her periods. That is until the evening that their best friend Noel (Stewart Wright) comes round to celebrate his birthday. He is becoming something of a loner with a strong tendency to moralise.

Louise confides in Noel that the she can now somehow have a baby but circumstances are such that she must conceive that night. She is desperate to have a child but how to tell Jimmy? Louise is scared to do so, fearing it will destroy their relationship. When she goes to change, Jimmy returns and senses something in the air. Does Noel tell the truth or lie? He opts for the former. Louise returns and the atmosphere becomes charged with recrimination.

The plot has many twists and turns. Louise does become pregnant and does give birth.

The touches of humour help to lighten the mood in this examination of attitudes to parenthood. After a ponderous opening, the action picks up pace in the second half of the play and there is a subtle twist at the end.

Reviewed by Ben

Venue; Venue Number                  Assembly @ George Street; V3

Dates                                                  5 to 30 August 2010 (not 9, 23)

Times                                                 15.35 to 16.55

Fringe Programme Page Number: 272

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