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Adolph - One4Review

Pip Utton’s portrayal of Adolph Hitler in his final days in 1945 is convincing and frightening. Hitler is addressing his most loyal followers in his personal staff exhorting them never to let go of the dream of creating a dominant, racially pure Germany. Two sides of Hitler are portrayed. All his prejudices are revealed in their crudely perceived logic. There is the ranting demagogue – ‘Death solves all problems’. Thus the Jewish race must be exterminated as the scapegoat for Germany’s enfeebled position at the end of World War I. There is the beguiling human side in his regard for Eva Braun and the absolute loyalty of those closest to him. Suddenly, the ranting Adolph ends and Pip Utton drops the Hitler role, discarding the moustache and wig. The lights come up. He talks to the audience apparently as himself, easy going and humorous. There is a noticeable easing of tension. However, he takes on a darker mood as he expresses the racial views of an ordinary man. Hitler may have perished in 1945 but his racist spirit lives on and may be seen in many guises, perhaps in all of us. Adolph is a powerful drama raising issues about what lies lurking at the core of the human personality and how readily it can be manipulated. ****

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