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An Air Balloon across Antarctica - One4Review

Young Irish writer Darragh Martin’s play is the product of a fertile and quirky imagination. Australian theatre company ‘Three to a Room’, under the clear and sharp direction of Yvonne Virsik, successfully blend the reality of human relationships with the comic surrealism of a talking hamster.  At the heart of the play is the relationship between Caitlin, (Claire Green), a restless adventurer, and James, (Paul David-Goddard), a literally more down to earth character. The opening sequence shows Caitlin travelling across Antarctica in a hot air balloon along with Ham (Sophie Lampel) the aforementioned talking hamster. As the story unfolds, the reason for Caitlin’s journey becomes clear through a series of flashbacks showing the growth of the love between young Caitlin, (Georgina Durham), and young James, (Kristian Sartori), but also the family tragedy which leads to the breakdown of their relationship.  Into the mix appear the wandering souls of a melancholic Sir Robert Scott, (Adrian Corbett), a wise cracking Sir Ernest Shackleton, (David Kambouris), and a goal inspired Amelia Earhart, (Charlotte Strantzen). The ending is tense and dramatic. The acting performances are of a high standard both individually and collectively. Sophie Lampel, since she does have the best comedy lines, holds the audience’s attention throughout. An enjoyable and unusual theatrical experience. ****

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