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Head Over Wheels - One4Review

A group of friends are approaching the end of university. The results are due out soon and life as they know it about to end. They are described as follows Johnny, a cool guy, charismatic and needs to be the centre of attention. Rachel, a girly girl, materialistic wants more of Johnny’s attention. Craig the geek gets a 1, madly in love with Rachel. Dom is slightly camp and desperately trying to come out. Dan is in a wheelchair, he is in love with Laura’s sister but has a hairy back! Laura lives with her disability and her wheelchair, she is very hard working and likes to be in charge Last but not least Katie she is a Catholic virgin, studious, eccentric and very horny. This collection confess and sing out their individual worries and needs, they find out more about each other in the last few weeks than in the previous years, The dynamics of the group change completely in some very unexpected ways. This is a very enjoyable show, which utilises and displays the strengths and talents of each performer. It shows how a group of widely different people do not always fit into specific stereotypes and encourages us to be individual. An interesting, thought provoking, enjoyable piece of modern theatre. ****

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