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Jason Cook : My Confessions  - One4Review

As with other performers at the Fringe I have found myself talking to Jason Cook over the years whilst he has been flyering the shows he was in. Up until this fringe, when I saw him on Devlin’s Daily at The Stand Comedy Club, I had been unable to get to see him. By now it is the last Friday of the Festival and nothing was written in stone, so I ran across to the venue and stood waiting for returns to get in to see his show ‘My Confessions!’ It was brilliant even if I did leave the venue in tears.  In his introduction Jason warns us that there are points at which he will loose us as one or more of his 10 confessions upset or disgust us. Jason as a sufferer from OCD finds certain things particularly difficult, although this has improved with age and doesn’t feature too heavily in this show. It is his prankster personality that is brought to the fore but beware if you trick him he is hell on earth until he can get his own back. The voices in his head are the worst culprits and when he listens to them he is in trouble, usually with his soon to be wife! Woe betide him if the wedding doesn’t take place as his mum will disown him and take on a second daughter. It is obvious he is besotted with his whole family and the last two confessions centre round his dad. It was at this point my tears started, his parting shot is to get everyone to phone their father or for the dads to call the family. I phoned my mum. It was one of these spooky Fringe things but after leaving the venue the first thing I saw and heard was a woman phoning her dad! She was with her kids and had not been in to see Jason. This is a brilliant show and I will be looking out for more Jason Cook. ****

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