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Kirsten O’Brien  - One4Review

CBBC’s Kirsten O’Brien is fast becoming a Fringe regular with this being her third visit to the Fringe over the past four years and each time her show is totally different, initially a stand-up, then in sketch comedy with Ruth Bratt and this year spilling some of the secrets of her early life as a children’s  TV presenter. Illustrated at times with some pictures of her family and early life in her native Middlesbrough, together with others who have followed as similar career path as she has, Ms O’Brien spends a very interesting hour sharing secrets and anecdotes of both her experiences on television and some of the spin offs that have ensued. Surprisingly  single, Kirsten is at times self depreciating, always very bubbly and just occasionally ventures into territory not usually associated with children’s TV presenters. She is attracting very busy houses for her shows in a venue that is not much bigger that the broom cupboard she used to inhabit on TV, and it is not surprising given the fare on offer, so do the Smart thing get you ticket now. ****

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