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Limmy’s Show - One4Review

Limmy from Glasgow is not so much a comedian but a comic actor who plays a variety of characters and situations both live and on video. The use of video clips may annoy the stand up purist but the combination of the two forms of comedy provides a solid hour of laughs. He takes the time to develop each character in a series of mini sketches. There is the ruthless publicist without a conscience; the female would be Big Brother contestant; the homosexual who seeks out straight men whom he can seduce. At one point he drops the characterisations and combines the stand up as himself with a video clip of what apparently is a very ordinary few seconds of Reporting Scotland newsreader David Robertson making a news link. He plays it repeatedly and something bewildering is happening. We are left to ponder, is David Robertson doing secret magic in front of our eyes? Limmy (in reality Brian Limond) has a real flair for observation and seeing comic potential in a variety of ways. An absorbing comedy experience and it will be interesting to see what direction his career will take. ****

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