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Minor Spectacular - One4Review

Clare Plested and Adam Brown are a comedy duo whose productions can always be relied on to be funny, well performed and written by them in conjunction with their director Amanda Wilshire. We have seen the last two Flamingo, Flamingo, Flamingo and Hot Pursuit, so with expectations high, I went to see their new creation, Minor Spectacular. The scene is set in the year 2009 in Watford by Sea, I assume global warming has really kicked it, as our hero, Terry a washing machine repairman is on hand to save machines and possibly the career of Verity Toogood , a slightly inept news reporter on the local paper. These two intrepid actors play a whole range of different characters as this madcap romp continues as situations lead to stranger and stranger events. As in Hot Pursuit, their set designed James Lewis should win an Oscar, or at least it’s Fringe equivalent for the fantastic way he has packed so many gadgets into his set, just remembering what to open, slide, twist etc must be almost as hard to memorise as the lines for these comedy actors and the costumes, especially those for Ms Plested were excellent. I won’t spoil it for you when you go to see this, but the speedy reprise at the end is worth the admission price alone. ****

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