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Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf - One4Review

Doctor Who is undergoing a comic regeneration this Fringe.  A number of the comedians I’ve seen have taken the chance to work him into their material.  However, Toby Hadoke is the most successful in achieving the perfect fusion of geek knowledge and hilarious comic observation.  What makes Hadoke’s show work is that it’s a show that can be accessed by everyone.  Although the Doctor Who title may seem to pigeonhole it as a ‘niche’ interest, Hadoke simply uses the programme to link together a sharp, self-deprecating nostalgia trip through his own progress in life.  Doctor Who is credited with firing the imagination and as such its decline leads to some well thought out rants against the deteriorating quality of 90s television which gets an enthusiastic reception from those listening.  This is material recognisable to most adult audiences and the laughter rolls out through the entire show. In addition to the comic rantings, Hadoke also works in some diary entries which explore his state of mind at various points in his life.  Whilst these are amusing, they are also fairly touching.  In addition, the conclusion of the show is nicely cyclical, gently amusing and profoundly heart-warming, as the story of father and son fuse together with help from a certain Doctor. It would be sad if this show was relegated to attendances solely from fans of the show as it deserves to be seen by all fans of well realised comedy. *****

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