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Open Mic @ The Globe - One4Review

The year is 2007 William Shakespeare has been persuaded by some of his characters to resurrect himself and them. To come up to date and try stand-up Comedy or is it Tragedy? On the evening I went William (Bill to his friends) Introduced that troubled prince of Denmark Hamlet, that feisty woman everyone wants to kiss Kate, dark and brooding Richard III and finally the lady of the lake Hamlet’s rejected lover Ophelia. Bill introduces the show, looking incredibly healthy and cuddly for a man who has been a long time dead! He is sure he still has it but the writers block might be a little more difficult to get over. Hamlet the Danish stud muffin is wildly excitable and rarely stands still. His obsession with toilet products, which are not sold in chemists, and with Superman has me questioning his sexuality! Kate the shrew has a far more laid back approach, her caustic complaints about copious subjects are hilarious. I would definitely attempt to avoid a tongue thrashing from her. Richard the turd is definitely dark, brooding, arrogant and full of his own importance, he has however a dangerous air of attraction. Finally Ophelia, slightly out of her mind, she can’t even say the name of her ex boyfriend Hamlet. Her songs are slightly disturbing and we worry for her. Bill closes the show and thankfully we are not asked to vote for the top act of the show, although I think Bill himself should win. After all he created the others didn’t he? Performed beautifully by Hils Barker, Alex Dee and Mackenzie Taylor, this extremely clever idea has the possibility of being developed in to a full two hour plus show, with a wealth of characters to choose from, you could use almost any number of performers material dependant. I loved it go and see it if you can. ****

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