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Scarborough - One4Review

The Fringe is renowned for setting up venues in the strangest places, and although this space is in the Assembly rooms, it is the former bock office that is around the size of a reasonable sized bedroom, there are no seats, the audience spread themselves around the walls, in doorways of the room that is literally a set. Set in a B&B in Scarborough, the bolthole for an illicit week end away for soon to be sixteen year old Daz, James Baxter and his lover, his twenty something school teacher Lauren, Holly Atkins. The relationship is fraught with problems as one could expect and all is not too rosy for they’re longevity. I feel the subject is carefully handled and both actors give commanding performances in the little time they have to develop the characters. The very intimate space gives another dimension to the Big Brother genre. I found this a thoroughly absorbing play and even forgot about the cramped sauna like conditions that is the venue. ****

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