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Talk Radio - One4Review

When you get an Edinburgh Fringe Festival show which includes; Will Adamsdale, Stephen K Amos, Tara Flynn, Tony Law, Mike McShane, Phil Nichol and Tiffany Stevenson you immediately think oh yes a comedy!  When it is an Underbelly Production in association with The Comedians’ Theatre Company expect anything! Phil Nichol is the late night early morning DJ on a talk radio station.  Discussions on the imminent national broadcasting of the station are in the final stages and the station manager, Mike McShane is in with sponsors to oversee and insure the smooth progression of his plans. Stephen K Amos is the technical genius behind Phil’s success, after a less than successful stint as a DJ himself, he decided to move with Phil and see how things went. We watch the events of the evening from the position of a fly on the wall, seeing the reaction of the voice over the airwaves.  His facial and physical expressions frequently displaying different emotions to those going out over the airwaves.  When one of his callers announces an imminent death, the lines are jammed with others demanding to know what is going on. After subsequent calls the DJ indices the caller into the radio station.  A possible recipe for disaster surely!! The ending most certainly not one I could have dreamt of, both uncomfortable and shocking. Not a show for the faint hearted but an opportunity to see some of our top comedians acting out of their socks.  Directed by Stewart Lee, himself a great stand-up comedian, but also the Director of ‘Jerry Springer The Opera’. ****

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