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The Discotivity  - One4Review

Just how many Disco clichés can you get in to a one hour-long nativity story? Quite a lot actually! I didn’t even try to count them I just sat back, went with the flow and joined in, frequently.  Scotland’s very own ‘Pop Idol’, Michelle McManus is a very Glaswegian Madonna, she has Joseph under the thumb.  Her donkey Tiffany Turner struts her funky stuff with huge hair, cute ears and a tail. Mr Iscariot keeps sending them in the wrong direction wanting his son Judas to be the new Messiah.  We meet Gabriel, a chorus of cute angels, flocks of fabulous shepherds and a trio of wise Kings, or should that be Queens? Along with, a policeman, Red Indian, construction worker, cowboy and a sailor. Haughty Herod, dark and dreamy, just won’t share his throne with anyone and sets out to destroy all young babies, all done to a disco beat. To say this show is contrived is an understatement but it is also full of brilliantly talented performers who sing and dance superbly, performing disco classics which make you want to get up and boogie, ‘all night long’. The cast are Sharon Cherry Ballard, Edward Lewis French, Sam Mackay, Michael Moulton, Jessica Phillips, Toby Rose, Jonathan Ryan and Michael McManus. This pop Panto pumps delicious disco ditties thick and fast for a fabulous festive festival of fun. This show is transferring to the Arts Theatre in London’s West End for a Christmas season from 4th December 2007 to 20th January 2008. ****

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