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The Good Thief - One4Review

If you come to see this play by Conor McPherson, be prepared to be shocked. This is no sentimental tale involving lovable Irish rogues but a depiction of brutality and murder without remorse. It is very definitely adult in content and totally gripping theatre because of its credibility. The story is set in Ulster, I guess sometime in the 1990’s. The action centres on a low level thug who works for Joe, a gangland boss. Sent to do a simple piece of brutal intimidation, it all goes wrong for the thug. Murders occur at the scene. The thug turns something of a hero by rescuing and escaping with the wife and daughter of his intended victim. He is hunted down by Vinnie, a real psychopath. Without giving away any details, it is not a happy ending. Ray Donoghue’s one man performance can only be described as brilliant in terms of the portrayal of all the characters and the physicality he displays in the scenes of violence. It is difficult to imagine any other medium other than live theatre for portraying such an intense play. It is a production of real quality. ****

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