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Yellow Hands - One4Review

Is the question what can or can’t you make a musical instrument out of? Where Yellow hands are concerned  it seems to be anything and everything. Some of the objects used are, plastic pipes, drawers, chairs, bottles, car horns, car exausts, plant pots, hozepipes, plastic gloves, hoovers and a wheelbarrow. The music produced is as varied as the objects used to make it. Numbers included Popcorn, Broken Heart, Tequila, Scotland the Brave, Amazing Grace, La Cucaracha and the Birdie Song. It is impossible to describe this show fully we meet, Tonto, Ando, Dano and an other they all have AOMA Adult Onset Musical Addiction, even without access to all normal musical instruments the addiction is so strong they take anything which sounds slightly musical and adapt it into an insrument. The plot is displayed through short film clips and although there is a lot of high quality music very few words are uttered. This is great fun and a sit back watch and listen sort of show. ****

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