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Havana Rumba! - One4Review

‘Havana Rumba!’ hit the headlines as a certain ‘Kily Manogue’ (yes yet another Ausie soap star in Edinburgh) joined the cast on stage on the first Saturday night of the run.  I had already booked it in and was looking forward to seeing it. Having a love for Latin-American music and even an attempt at Salsa dancing I expected it to be superb. Yes I had an enjoyable show, yes the dancing was great and yes the band was superb, with all this mix I was still a little disappointed. Cuba’s salsa band La Calle could not be faulted musically but I could not hear either the words of the musical numbers nor any narration until virtually the end of the show. This eight-piece band played a wide variety of musical instruments and the orchestration was excellent. The six dancers perform a variety of Latin-American dances including Salsa and Chacha. I found it pleasant to watch but not phenomenal. They at times almost seemed to be fighting the band for attention. There was a sort of a storyline but as we couldn’t heat much of the narration it was difficult to say what was going on. For an overall spectacle and taste of Latin America it is one of the top tickets of this Fringe. ****

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