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Attack Of The Soccer Moms - One4Review

Dottie and Dawn are two American soccer ‘Moms’ who will stop at nothing to ensure that their ‘little darlings’ both called Karen succeed on the football pitch. Alls fair in their rivalry backstabbing to the fore and even signing a pact with Lucky, short for Lucifer, to ensure their ‘princesses’ success for their future career. Okay so far? This parody of the win at all costs pageant mentality was rolling along just fine, when Lucky changed the contract rules and then boy did it get silly in my opinion. Exploding children, murdered husbands, and strange meetings are just some of the events that occur in this John DeVore written play. Given the very limited acting space available the direction is good, and the three actors play their characters to the full, and as this was a preview performance I was impressed that all the techy stuff seemed to work too. I’m afraid it was a little surreal in places for my tastes, but if you like your comedy like this well, it cold well be the show for you. ***

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