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Girl and Dean - One4Review

Girl and Dean are a bright and breezy female double act. In many of the sketches Dean takes on the straight role as the well spoken, irrepressible, Women’s Institute type character. Girl has the freer role, more ad libs and asides to the audience. A number of the sketches, particularly in the first half of the show are extremely funny, such as the plummy voiced World War II characters giving advice on how to spot Nazi spies. They introduce a third character, a puppet named Jane Torvill, not the famous one, but an outspoken lady from Newcastle who was operated by Girl. She really gave Dean a hard time with her sarcasm. The final sketch was more extended – a murder mystery with Girl taking on more than 20 characters. Lots of rushing on and off stage until the culprit is revealed. This is a duo to watch out for in the future. They have what all good double acts possess which is a natural chemistry when they drop the character roles and appear to talk as themselves. *** 

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