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Happy Savages - One4Review

Written and directed by Ryan Craig, Happy Savages explores the relationships between 4 contrasting individuals. Ben (James Anderson) and Joe (James Russell) have been best mates since university. During this time Ben meets Lisa (Hannah Nicholson) and they form a relationship. At the beginning of the play they are in their mid twenties and Ben and Lisa have moved in together. Ben is a moody playwright suffering from writer’s block and Lisa is a successful management consultant. Their relationship seems to be more intellectual than physical both being preoccupied with their own careers. Joe, now a solicitor but intent in enjoying life rather than being career driven, comes to stay overnight. Revelations follow as it becomes apparent that Ben and Lisa have had separate flings. Also revealed is Joe’s relationship with the sexually demanding, hedonistic Rachel, whose working class background is in sharp contrast to the other characters. The plot follows a complex series of twists and turns as splits, couplings and reconciliations occur. It is a well written and an absorbing work, well acted but, apart from some of the scenes involving Rachel, it doesn’t electrify with tension and excitement. The message it sends out is a somewhat bleak commentary of our times. ***

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