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Hello!  Ok? - One4Review

We’re a world obsessed with celebrity culture.  Newsagents’ shelves groan under the weight of tabloid magazines such as Now, Ok, Hello, Heat, Grazia, all of which scream out hysterical headlines about the most c-list of celebrities airing the dirtiest of laundry in order to keep their names in the limelight for another five minutes. So you would think that a satirical show which purports to examine this state of affairs would have a wealth of material to work with.  Unfortunately Hello! Ok? somehow manages to miss its mark time and again.  It includes the obvious targets – a Jordanesque character with delusions of grandeur, Big Brother rejects and indie presenters whose heads are firmly planted somewhere up their own derrieres.  Yet what looks like a good idea on paper turns into a humour vacuum when transferred to the stage.  The problem is that there are too many targets to take a swipe at and in concentrating on a broad range the potential of this show is spread too thinly. There’s a line within the show which asks if we are willing to witness the death of creativity at the hands of mediocrity.  If you form part of the audience for this show it appears that the answer is yes. *

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