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Hippos In The Shower - One4Review

I thought the days of flower power and psychedelia were well and truly over, but the Theatre Knights Belfast production of ‘Hippos in the shower’ written by Geoff Gatt self professed all round entertainer from Belfast. Having written and recorded songs since his early teens. George (Geoff Gatt) and some friends were having a summer party in the open air when he sees a log shaped like a Hippo in his log fire, later his dreams are invaded with hippo’s finally he finds a hippo in his shower in the morning. Taking this to mean he should strive to do something and perhaps this will change his life. He meets The Marine Biologist whose name no one ever catches due to an event at her christening, immediately smitten by her charms he follows her into an adventure. With rather a large cast and musicians on stage we occasionally get the feeling of being rather cramped but on the whole they seem to be enjoying themselves and this rubs off on the audience. The journey however is fun, if particularly unbelievable, with some particularly catchy numbers. Perhaps in a different space with other exits and entrances it might have appealed more as some of the directions seemed slightly clumsy, however it is a fun show certainly worth seeing for some of the little moments of genius which shine through. ***

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