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The Great British Soap Opera - One4Review

Victoria Square has been Britain’s top soap for four years, with awards for top totty Jenny (Philipa Buxton) and top hunk Josh (Leon Kay) but ratings are dropping like a stone and the Soap Awards are looming so what do they do? They bring in some hot new sexy young thing to boost ratings. Not considering just how this will affect the others. The arrival of high society bright young thing Sophie (Diana Chrisman) puts more than one nose out of joint. Not only do we see the action as the TV viewers do but also the politics and relationships off set. Young Chip (Adam Barlow) has grown up on TV, Alfie (Adam Prichard) is still well and truly in the cupboard and trusty Emily (Sophia Behn) makeup artiste extraordinaire are all affected one way or another. It is amazing just how much detail they can fit in to this small space utilising three flats and some stools. Each and every one of the performers are superb, brilliant actors and all have amazing voices. the material they are using is top quality and there are some songs I would like to hear again (CD cast recording please). Do they win the coveted award? Will the show be axed?  Just how will jenny react when she finds Sophie kissing her lover Josh? There is only one way to find out go and see the show! Jake Brunger wrote both the book and lyrics with Pippa Cleary on music ad additional lyrics. The show is directed and Chorreographed by Luke Sheppard. The band are md Pippa Cleary along with Claire Thomas, Leanne Jones, James Newman and Tom Paton. This show and cast deserve to go far. *****  

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