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I Love You, Bro - One4Review

I must admit that I have never been on any of the networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace or Bebo and I am not up on the all the stuff that occurs on these or any chat room for that matter, so perhaps I was not the best reviewer to see this play written by Adam Cass. However go I did and although a little of the in language and terms washed over me what I did see was a very good if somewhat disturbing performance by Ash Flanders. The soliloquy is the true story of a 14 year old boy and his ability to manipulate situations, culminating in serious consequences simply because he could. He creates a web of fictitious characters to achieve his aims as crazy as they may be. This gripping performance has Mr Flanders playing all of his fictitious characters; making then as believable to the audience as to his victim, and the stark set, with occasional back projected slides were the only aid to this talented young man. It certainly opened my eyes to this practice and I applaud the company for staging it. ****

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