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Like A Virgin - One4Review

New kids on the block Bubblebum Theatre are making their Fringe debut in this Gordon Steel written play. Ken and Viv’s marriage breaks down when daughter Angela is only eight and to say that Viv fails to cope is much of an understatement. Jump forward in time and Angela, now 16 and her best pal Maxine are determined to make it big in the pop world, like heroine Madonna, and follow the dream of love fame and sex, but not necessarily in that order. Maxine blags a gig at Grangetown British Legion even they have no songs, or any band and recruits local weirdo Monkey to do the backing. All is going fine until Angela is discovered to be suffering some mystery illness that puts the gig and more at risk. The four strong cast each play their roles well, and the set, although basic, certainly is adequate for the job. The play of course is a well written piece which handles the pathos as well as the comedy with class. I can recommend this mid afternoon production and I’m sure the pretty full house ho witnessed the production I saw would think it money well spent. ***

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