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Nina Conti  -  Evolution  - One4Review

Nina Conte is a stunning young woman of Scottish/Italian descent inheriting a love for performance as well as her talents, at least in part from her father, actor Tom Conte. Her family have apparently long hoped that she would grow out of her passion with Monkey, given to her when she was seven, but this toy, friend, pet?   has grown, developed and evolved with her. You know they say people begin to resemble their pets, well she has taken this ‘Evolution’ several stages further! Comedy utilising ventriloquism may not be totally new but I swear Monkey is not a puppet he is alive. It is certainly difficult at times to see just who is controlling whom. This was the first time I have seen Nina perform although I have met her briefly during previous Fringes, I am totally besotted with Monkey despite his foul mouth and totally irreverent treatment of Nina. If Nina has always been as hyper as this, she must have been a difficult child. However she has written and performs this show superbly. For a technically superb show, which is also very funny culminating in a finale which is as unexpected as it is hilarious I recommend Nina Conti’s Evolution. *****

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