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Phil Nichol - 8 Nights Only - One4Review

Phil Nichol may only be doing 8 nights this fringe but they are selling out fast! It was a ringing wet Saturday night and the queue half way down the street from Stand One, I was having a great time listening to stories of other Phil gig’s and having a little chuckle to myself. No sooner had they got us settled and he was on. Exploding onto the stage like a firework display mid show. Now Phil professes his Canadian heritage but Canadians tend to be the most laid back people on the planet, so what happened to him he then admits to his Scottish birth and Glaswegian parents. He talked so fast some of us were just caught up in his slipstream and carried along for the ride more than 90% of the audience had seen him before some of the remaining 10% reacted like rabbits in the headlights of an on coming truck. Despite having heard most of the material before we all had a stormer of a show. ***** Phil’s recommendation of a comedian was Carey Marks guess where I went after the show.

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