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Race Off  - One4Review

I only attended about three Free Fringe shows last year and I intend to cover a few more this as I feel it is a good idea and should be supported as much as possible. The first one I managed to fit in was this two person show starring Brett O’Shaughnessy and Sajeela Kershi. Brett started off proceedings and although it was the first time he had crossed my radar I was well impressed with this cockney geezer. Living in London’s east end in a house full of women a fair amount of this material was about women and their superiority to men. He also has advice DIY and a chunk on Army recruitment. All in all a good half hour and I hope to see him again. Sajeela Kershi on the other hand is very different. A woman obviously,  from Surrey and Muslim BBA who embraces both sides of her culture. Sajeela has a wide repertoire of stories and thoughts on many things, one being an interesting opinion on why James Bond maybe responsible for a lot of world troubles. Her true story about an attempted hostage situation she found herself in just has to be heard and she makes jokes about it too!! Ms Kershi I’m sure will be a big name in the comedy world if the progress I’ve seen in the last 12 months continues and after all she has been part of a if.comedy award winning show already, and there’s not too many who have that on their CV!! ***

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