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Steve Williams : Ultimate Worrier  - One4Review

It’s been years since I had seen Steve Williams perform as it usually requires prizing the reviewing ticket out of Sheila grasp, and having won the battle this year, I can understand why she is so loathe to give it up. From his entrance ‘til he finished nearly an hour later this genial Welshman had the crowd with him all the way. For a man of his stature it seems strange that he is a worrier, hence the title of his show this year and is insecure in most things. Strange career choice for a man who hates public speaking I thought. But then I thought again. Maybe Steve is worried about things he is not in control of, and he certainly is in control of his material, his performance and swiftly controls his room. Williams is a great raconteur, relating a myriad of funny stories and is more than adept with his accents as well. Stories about swearing and its derivation and a geographical league table are both informative and laugh out loud funny. Other material on alcohol, bees, terrorists and respect is just a few of the subjects the wickedly witty Welshman Williams waxes wordily upon, but that’s just scratching the surface. The early evening slot is a very busy one, but make a space in your schedule for Williams the Joker because you’ll regret it if you don’t. ****

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