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Adam Hills :   Inflatable - One4Review

There are great comics, and more great comics and then there is Adam Hills. I have not met anybody who doesn’t appreciate this Aussie mirth maker, and in all the times I have seen him I’ve never seen him have even a so-so gig, they have always been between very good and superb. Even though he clamed to not be in a good mood, Hills was his normal electric self, initially asking audience members to ‘have a rant’ about something that had upset them, even going through the audience in the lower part of the music hall, clambering into the balcony to let on lady have her say. On his way down he uncovered two local radio celebrities and had a chat with them and then we were off into the show, or where we? Hills discovered a suitcase for a departing fellow Oz and as it was a Andy Warhol case, gave it’s 15 minutes of fame by putting it centre stage for the allotted time. Then the show did start properly!  We had seen him at the Stand Comedy Club back in October last year when he played there and in essence saw the embryo of this show then, but it has grown into a ‘bonza night out’ since then, not that there as much wrong with it then. So to hear about deaf racists, Starbucks rant, being drunk in Adelaide and the piece de resistance, which I’m not even going to hint at, if you can get your hands on a ticket short of selling a kidney, go see one of the nicest and certainly funniest comedians on the Fringe… you’ll not regret it.   *****
Adam Hills is one of those rare comedians with whom it is always difficult to find fault, and this year is no exception.  Covering subjects from sign-language to the Paralympics Adam has a knack of finding the humour in real-life situations that an audience can relate to, and never fails to bring a laugh from any consensual participation from the crowd.  Each show is made unique as he creates real ‘belly-laughs’ not just from written material, but from the ad-lib banter that makes an audience relax and have fun, and acts such as pouring Iron Bru over an eager audience member, or climbing to the balcony to reach a fan as young as fourteen.  The show is packed full of classic lines and moments that you want to remember, yet beyond the laughs there is a subtle depth that you don’t have to look far to see, as he speaks of a lost friend and the words of wisdom he would offer his as-yet unborn son.  Inflatable is a show that will engage the whole audience regardless of age, gender or temperament, and Adam really does leave his audience with the impression that he is a genuinely nice guy.  In short, any Adam Hills performance is like a favourite move; no matter how many times you see it, it never fails to bring a smile. Exceptional – 5 stars ***** 

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