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Bane  - One4Review

Joe Bone’s performance in his one man film noir parody is magnificent. I was drawn in by the sheer physical power of his acting and absorbed to the very end. He plays the lead role, the anti hero Bruce Bane, a ruthless hired killer. Now the tables are being turned as he is the one being hunted down in a bitter story of revenge. Killings abound as his bitter enemy Shelby is determined to hunt him down and eliminate him. Joe Bone slips seamlessly from character to character as the story unfolds. There is much silliness both in the characters and the situations. The throwaway comedy lines are timed to perfection. To heighten the mood of tension there is live guitar accompaniment which gives the feel of a film sound track. At the conclusion of the play, Joe Bone received fulsome applause from a packed house. This is an hour of gripping entertainment. Despite all the humour and the meandering nature of the plot, how the story is concluded is still an essential part of the narrative. The final scene is convincing as a fitting climax.   *****  

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