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Brendon Burns: Comedy Good Yeah Silly Side C**t - One4Review

Comedy Good Yeah Silly Side C**t
For the first time in living memory, well almost, Fringe favourite bad- boy Brendon Burns is not doing a full run at Fringe 2009. He is however playing just a few dates, the first two sold out unsurprisingly and more were added. We managed to grab tickets for the Thursday night extra gig. After a while of touring both in his native Australia, and a spell spent in the States, here is another Burns going through a home coming this year. As always with this sensational artist nobody is immune from his opinion and occasional ridicule, and that includes himself. He is a ‘call a spade an effin shovel’ guy, and may not be to everyone’s taste I have to admit, but once you are in tune with his vibe, believe me you are hooked. He is more addictive than narcotics, just ask Sheila who saw his show for the first time last year!! Burns comes across, during this show particularly, as a guy chatting to his mates in a pub, even knowing some of the audience members by name and addressing comments to them certainly making the experience unique. Okay he can occasionally be somewhat outrageous, but with the almost smirk when he knows what he is likely to say is a little edgy, almost like a child knowing what he is doing MAY Be wrong, there is almost an innocence about him. Whichever way you cut it Burns is a comedy genius, I know the term is over used, but not in his case, it’s just a shame that he can’t do television in this guise, because that means many millions miss out on the master at work.   *****  

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