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The Tommy Sheridan Chat Show - One4Review

Mr Sheridan’s much publicised court case was happening during last years Fringe, so the currently unseated MSP has taken on a different role during this years event by hosting his own chat show. The much maligned, sunbed loving politician is obviously at home with public speaking and once the talk show part of this show gets underway he is fine. He’s not Parkinson of course, but I’m afraid his attempts at telling jokes needs more work and maybe some better material. As one would expect his opening spiel majors on his legal proceedings of last year and the venom expressed to a certain Sunday newspaper is expected. He has a line up of guests that vary on a day to day basis, and are interesting in their diversity. The show I saw had Scottish comedy writer Phil Differ, perennial Fringe visitor John Hegley, a couple of funny songs from Tommy McKay and finally TV presenter Kaye Adams. The gentle questioning style drew forth some amusing stories, and several jibes at our host himself, who is not afraid to make the odd self- depreciating comment himself. A question and answer session at the end closed off an interesting hour. I’m sure if this is the avenue Mr Sheridan is to further his career it will be  a good learning curve, but it will require  a little work. ***

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