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Double Art History - One4Review

This show is a real art lesson in a real classroom with pens and A4 drawing paper provided. Does it work as comedy? The answer is a very positive yes! The educational feel begins at the Hullabaloo assembly point where one of the Underbelly crew gathers the audience/students together. She leads us to the classroom, ensuring we follow her instructions. I must give her praise for her cameo performance. Enter Will Gompertz, our supply teacher who informs us that our regular teacher is indisposed and that he is to give us our final revision lesson before we sit our test. We students are asked to stick a name badge on and, during the course of the lesson, he interacts with most of us. He advises us to take notes as he leads us through the history of modern art from Impressionism to Minimalism using hundreds of illustrations. All of us in Class 5C entered into the right spirit, .such is the warmth and enthusiasm he generates. Being a Director of the Tate Gallery, he knows his subject inside out. For this modern art sceptic, I began to understand as never before the context of the various movements in modern art. Also, I am pleased to record that I passed the test, scoring my highest ever marks in any kind of art exam. Whether you are interested in art or not, this is a unique and enthralling show. Tickets are limited to 30 due to the size of the classroom. All the spaces in today’s class were occupied. Therefore, book early.   Now, I suppose it is my turn to assess Will Gompertz. Well here goes.   Personality/Presence    – Full marks Content                        – Full marks Delivery/Timing            – Full marks Audience Reaction            – Full marks   This means I am pleased to award the following number of stars.   *****  

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