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Elaine Malcolmson & Niall Browne: - All Kinds Of Everything - One4Review

Both Elaine Malcolmson and Niall Browne are both well known on the Scottish comedy circuit, but until recently as solo performers, however they have joined forces for this Fringe and are presenting their show ‘All Kinds of Everything’ daily at Stand II. Both originate from Northern Ireland or Nireland as they prefer to call it and their show is a mixture of stand-up, sketches, with amusing video interludes. I saw part of this show in preview a couple of weeks ago and was well impressed as were around 60 punters that night, so was keen to see the whole thing.   Elaine, usually somewhat dead pan in her style, was ever seen to smile occasionally, but often played the straight role to Browne as virtually every Irish stereotype you could ever think of is aired and lampooned. The two talented performers work well together in a gentle non-threatening manner and have some very good material and I learned quite a lot about Nireland as a bonus!! The numbers have been fairly low so far and I feel that this show would work better with a fuller house so if you fancy a laugh to start your Fringe day then this could well be the show for you.   ***

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