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Hey Sister - One4Review

Working in an operating theatre I was intrigued to see just how one Fringe company put together a musical based in the ward of a hospital. When an opera star breaks his leg and comes to the ward to recuperate Sister and her staff of triplets attempt to get him to put on a musical for the staff and patents by the staff and patents. Whilst this is going on the ward is being inspected and Dr Love meets his match in the inspector. The storyline may be contrived with all future events seeming obvious but the music is wide and various. The whole show is great fun with tunes for you to hum long after it is finished. The whole cast seem to be having great fun and their enthusiasm and enjoyment is infective. Gabriella Burnel is the song and scriptwriter as well as the musical director and producer. Artistic director is David Marshall. The cast Terrie-May McNulty, Dario Dugandzic, Larissa Blackshaw, Luciano Lanna De Vasconcellos, Dyonne Josiah, Alan C Rowan, Astrid Hjerting, Annika Magnberg and Gemma Seren. I prescribe a dose of ‘Hey Sister’ for anyone with the Fringe blues. ****  

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