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Back To The Eighties! - One4Review

Viva Youth Theatre from Soham in Cambridgeshire had a successful Fringe in 2006 with their production of Fame and have returned to Edinburgh this year with this feel good musical liberally laced with music from the 80’s. With a cast of nearly twenty they make good use of the somewhat confined stage, even resorting to using the floor of the theatre at times with some of the dance routines. The voices in the company vary from excellent to Oh dear why? Each singer is miked so at least they can be heard over the enthusiastic band, and I was really most impressed with their ensemble numbers, as the voices, coupled with their obvious enthusiasm for this show really lifted it. There were parts of this show that reminded me of Grease and Fame, but the story is simple boy in love with girl next door, who in turn is with bad boy and cheat at the loal high school. A ensemble of fellow pupils, an occasional teacher or two, provide the rest of the cast and the framework the show is built from. So another creditable show from a young theatrical group with enormous promise and no shortage of talent. Hope to see you again next year guys!! ***

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