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The Confessions of Julian Po - One4Review

Historically the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD) send absolute top quality students to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The two musicals during 2007 Fringe must have one of the very best ensembles I have seen so far, the voices are all individual and superb, the acting talents fabulous and the visual presentations varied enough to be attractive to a vast audience. Their second production ‘The Confessions of Julian Po’ is set in a middle-American township. Only 7 residents are of any importance, whether they are in fact the only residents I am not sure. Pastor Bean (Thomas Hart) is officiating at the wedding of Sarah (Caley Cheney) and Bobby (Robbie Townsend) but it is obvious something is not perfect. Town Mair, Sheriff, Fire Chief and Notary, Henry Leech (Evan C. Grosshans) feels he is the town. He has been married to vampy Lilah Leech (Jill Cavy) for longer than either wish to remember. Tom Potter (Kieran Griffiths) shop owner definitely locked in his own closet, and Izzy (Mairi Weir) is an orphan tomboy searching for a father figure. Finally the Muses, Rebecca Faulkenberry, Josh Canfield, Allan Gilmour, Vigdis Pasdottir and Tanmmy Joelle. Nothing ever happens in town, nothing that is until the arrival of the stranger, Julian Po (Michael Stacey)! Julian is making his way to the sea to commit suicide, when he finds his way into town. Where his life has added up to nothing so far he now finds himself the centre of attention and finds love. The twist in the tale is as shocking as it is unexpected. The music, storyline, direction, singing and performances are all really enjoyable. The Harmonies are superb this whole cast deserve to do well in their chosen profession and if talent is anything to go by they should all succeed. If you can’t get to see ‘the Confessions of Julian Po’ try to see ‘Iron Curtain’ as this fabulous ensemble should not be missed! ****

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