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Idiots of Ants: This Is War - One4Review

The Idiots of Ants (Andrew Spiers, Elliott Tiney, Ben Wilson and James Wrighton) are well aware that they fulfill the cliché of four middle class white boys doing sketch comedy on the Edinburgh Fringe, and this year they certainly have a lot of competition. The Idiots set out to provide an hour of all singing, all dancing, fast paced sketch comedy and they certainly do that. With showbiz lighting and excellent use of images projected in wide screen across the back of the stage, the action is non-stop from start to finish. The live action version of new computer game ‘Wii Urban Sword Fighter’ was a highlight for me (with some excellent stage fighting demonstrated by Speirs and Tiney thrown in), along with the ‘Date With The Audience’ song. Without spoiling anything, the Idiots take on audience participation provides an excellent twist to the proceedings and a finale that no-one could have expected. The performances from all four of the Idiots of Ants are equally strong, and although some sketches got more laughs from others, there wasn’t a weak link as is often the danger with sketch comedy. The production is slick, well scripted and directed. With several TV appearances already under their belts I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of these Idiots on our screens soon. ****            

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