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Love and a Colt 45 - One4Review

I saw Bethany Black last year and was fascinated by her set, which was based around her decision to change gender and the subsequent emotional upheaval she went through.  I found it both engaging and life-affirming.  There’s more of that attitude on display here in this year’s ‘Love and a Colt 45’, a show which revolves around her two main addictions – drink and love. To say that Black’s had her ups and downs would be an understatement, but to live a life which veers between these extreme highs and lows gives her plenty of material to work with.  Her anecdotes about her dependency on alcohol drew laughs of recognition from the audience, whilst her stories about failed relationships were stark and self-effacing.  I do like Black, and think she has a particular knack in telling a good story, but I also think there’s something which is holding her back from really opening up a crowd.  Whether it’s the brutal honesty of her material or the slightly nervy stage presence, I couldn’t say for sure.  What I do know, however, is that she’s a performer who is well intentioned and who has something different to say. ***

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