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Stephen K Amos  -  The Feelgood Factor - One4Review

Stephen K Amos is as integral to Edinburgh Fringe as hangovers and poor weather, but for sure he is far more enjoyable. Now playing in the biggest space on the Fringe and regularly selling it out Amos is certainly one of the most popular comedians here this month. With a stage covered with glitter balls a different opening to normal Amos is straight into his audience sussing out, and he certainly has been smiled on by the comedy Gods. A Viking, a sixteen year old ice hockey player and Emma, a posh drama student. Really? Yeah. His set is not really ground breaking, and a lot of recent TV exposure has seen some of the material aired before, but good material can bear a second or third hearing, but he is a comedian that gives the feelgood factor. Really? I’d say so. Stephen plays a little on his colour and peoples reaction to his accent, he talks of visits to Adelaide and so racism experienced on the radio there, he talks about black role models, watching TV with parents, theme tunes and singing in the shower,,, and to Emma. Really? Yeah. An hour is not enough and it seems he has only just started when it is time to finish and we get a different ending as well. You may wonder at my repeated use of Really?   Amos would like to set this up as his Fringe catchword. Really? Yeah. We here at one4review are happy to assist a really funny guy and a nice person too.   ****

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