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Dr Earnest Parrot presents Demetri Martin - One4Review

Dr Earnest Parrot presents Demetri Martin
Was it really two years ago that Demetri Martin exploded onto the Edinburgh Fringe and walked off with the Perrier Award. I was only able to catch him in a showcase that year, but made sure I saw his show at George Square Theatre the following year and thoroughly enjoyed his show as he told joke after joke while accompanying himself on guitar. His show this year is a lot different than his previous two, in as much as Martin does far less of his music and jokes that in previous years. It appears that it has been discovered to have a medical condition and his doctor Earnest Parrott appears in a video link on occasions speaking about his PHEALS and his brain nook. As well as his gags he leads us through 5 important moments of his life, partly illustrated with slides, and there is certainly plenty of humour there, and we are also shown what it looks like in the brain nook with an illustrated tour, all so much different that last years. He is a very interesting character with a lot of talent. I certainly enjoyed his set, but maybe not quite as much as last years. ****

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