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Barry Cryer & Ronnie Golden  Present  a Century Of Songs - One4Review

Barry Cryer & Ronnie Golden Present A Century Of Songs
Historically it has been Geoff who gets to see Messers Cryer and Golden during the Fringe, 2006 is the year I get the pleasure. With the two gentlemen sporting Old’s Cool logos on their t-shirts and the average age of those round me probably 60, I felt a virtual teenager.  Barry is 71 and states he is in his middle ages just a little mature for his prime. Ronnie made no comments to age but just got on with the performance. These two still handsome men perform self-written material who’s subject is the past 100 years, covering everything from short term memory loss, through nations rivalry, finding the religion of Bono and the almost obligatory slagging of politicians. The jokes are mature and even those in their 9th decade have probably heard them before but they are told with such panache it is a pleasure to hear them again. Ronnie Goldens musicianship is a delight, he pens a mean tune, he plays four guitars of vastly different sizes during the show. Barry has always been known for his cutting sartorial penmanship this is displayed to great advantage throughout the show. Having been told over and over again this Fringe ‘comedy is the new rock’n’roll’ then Cryer and Golden are Rock Idols and youth should come and worship at their feet. ****

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