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Craig Hill Makes Your Whole Week! - One4Review

Here we go again another Fringe another fantastic show with Craig Hill. What can I say except ‘Craig Hill Makes Your Whole Week!’ or so we are told as this is the title of this years Fringe offering at the Nightclub venue in the Gilded Balloon Teviot. Once we got the audience in filling every seat part of bench and standing room his second night just rocked. For the first time I was up in the balcony directly above the stage with perfect views, if a little birds eye, of not only Craig but 90% of his audience. I now see what he means when referring to some women needing Tenna ladies, I’m not so sure if some men didn’t need an equivalent. Craig’s repertoire must be huge as he seldom duplicates much, but if you have been to a gig that went down particularly well with both Craig and his audiences, you tend to get some of the highlights included in his next show. If tonight’s gig was anything to go by you better get your ticket now as he is selling out fast and it would be a crime for Fringe goers to miss out on Edinburgh’s own King or should that be Queen of (quips) Kilted Comedy, the capitals connoisseur of chuckles and bringer of berserk belly laughs to the Balloon. *****
From 2 self confessed Craig Addicts…………………………………. Craig opened his show with his usual brand of madcap humour and immediately connects with his audience. The people sitting in the front row are in for a treat even if they don’t know it yet! And us lot in the balcony got away with nothing either. Communicating with his audience is always a mainstay of Craig’s show and always works very well. It’s a fast paced show and if you are not quick you can miss some of the jokes, which come thick and fast. What we found amazing at this gig in particular was the range of ages in the audience, young and old, all splitting their sides. Craig’s talents especially singing and dancing are almost wasted in a hall of this size. A thoroughly good show with plenty of laughs and a must see at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Not only is Craig a fantastic comedian he is a lovely person face to face as well as we both know having met him in person twice now. Can’t wait until we see him again. Roy & Pauline

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