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Chris McCausland- Emotional Retard - One4Review


5 Stars

I became aware of Chris McCausland during Fringe 2009 when I saw his show on a recommendation, and was pleased to see that he had returned for 2010.

McCausland is a blind comic, though apart from an occasional reference initially, he doesn’t labour the point. The show title Emotional Retard, an observation passed on him by his girlfriend, spawned an e-mail of complaint, basically that the writer was offended on someone else’s behalf

He then talks about people other than he can be offended by almost anything and a new slant on the Men are from Mars while women from Venus scenario.

Scouser McCausland has a wicked sense of humour and a pleasant delivery style, often self deprecating always clever. He is the master of the call-back setting up things earlier to re-introduce later and through out the entire gig had the crowded venue in the palm of his hand.

Part of his intro was that last year he was in a permanent building, thought he did well and ended up in a portacabin. I feel that they should be making room in a far plusher space for next year as I’m sure this guy will be huge in the very near future.


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Hut V 33

4-30 August

19-15 to 20-15

Fringe Brochure P44

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