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Robin Ince and Michael Legge: Pointless Anger, Righteous Ire - One4Review

4 stars


In this show Ince and Legge have decided to look closely at the nature of anger – is anger actually a force for good or a force for evil.  If we get angry over the littlest things is it a complete waste of time and effort or is there a point to it, are we justified in our rage?  Hence the title – Pointless Anger, Righteous Ire.  It’s a bit of a deep concept for what is, essentially, two men going purple in the face for an hour.

There was a loose structure to this show with Ince and Legge both taking turns to rail against certain subjects that had ticked them off.  Then it was thrown open to the audience to suggest topics that made them hot under the collar – trains, barking dogs, 24 hour locksmiths who didn’t fully understand the term 24 hour, bad drivers, bad pedestrians.  We could have gone on like this for the full hour as I sense a number of the audience found the release of their rage somewhat cathartic.  Ince and Legge dealt with each suggestion brilliantly and provided a lot of off the cuff ranting and raging.  At the end of each suggestion a vote was taken, was this person’s anger pointless or righteous?  The vote seemed to fall to the latter most of the time.  We were an angry audience.

Due to spending most of their time dealing with us, both men had to rush through their later material – a quick look at their Heroes of Anger and a Top 10 of things that make them angry.  However, since it was Legge’s birthday, we still found a moment to sing him Happy Birthday (angrily, of course) and enjoy a musical interlude provided by Jim Bob.

At the end of the hour I feel that many of the audience left with a burden lifted from their shoulders, whilst the performers left with something approaching an aneurism.  Do make these men angry.  You’ll enjoy them when they’re angry.

Reviewed by Di

Venue – GRV

14.00 – 15.00

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