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Tall Storrie and Wee Godley - One4Review

4 stars


I’ve seen a number of children’s shows in my time reviewing for the site.  Most of them know how to cater to their audience through a mixture of storytelling, song and general silliness.  All of which are evident in this show by the mother and daughter team of Ashley Storrie and Janey Godley.  The only difference is that they’re making it up as they go along.

As most parents will know, it’s hard to maintain a rigid structure when you have children, and it is this idea which Storrie and Godley seize upon and use to great effect.  Your children are encouraged to bring along instruments, sit on the stage, crawl about the stairs and generally contribute in whatever way they see fit.  Although some of the younger members might initially feel a bit reluctant to join in, it takes little time at all before they are swarming the stage.  Storrie interacts with the children beautifully, drawing them into the fun, whilst Godley manages to keep both the children and adults entertained.  It might be seen as a risk letting an adult orientated performer like Godley participate in a children’s show, especially if you’re familiar with her one-woman standup routines, but it works surprisingly well, ensuring that the parents are kept on side during the sillier moments.

Attending this show as an adult you might feel as if the lunatics have taken over the playground, but it certainly entertained the audience on the afternoon I went along.  So take your kids along and let them wear themselves out running riot, it’s positively encouraged.

Reviewed by Di

Venue – Pleasance Dome, Queen Dome

12.45 – 13.45

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