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Breaker - One4Review


| On 12, Aug 2013


Breaker is a joint Icelandic and Scottish production. Written by Salka Gutmundsdottir, it has been translated into English by Director Graeme Maley and set in a remote Scottish island. In both of these remote, coastal societies, myths have been an intrinsic part of the way of life for generations and this theme is central to this riveting play.

Two characters with a common cultural heritage are brought together by chance. Their connection is now distant. Danny is a city dweller but his granny who had died recently was originally from the island. Sunna, a schoolteacher, can trace her island ancestors back over six generations.

The play opens with Danny exploring an unlocked primary school classroom during the school holidays. He is disturbed by Sunna who is furious at this invasion of private property. Danny is at pains to point his granny’s death and the need to discover something off her past. She is fearful that he is yet another journalist here to dig into a recent tragedy involving the drowning of five children. They argue over the issues that divide them and particularly over the causes of the children’s deaths – supernatural or natural.

Iain Robertson and Isabelle Joss give flawless performances inhabiting the two characters to reveal their emotional fragility.

Reviewed by Ben

Underbelly Cowgate; 61

1 to 25 August 2013 (not 13)

14.00 – 15.00

Fringe Programme Page Number: 264


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