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In Flagrante – Flagrant Productions 3 Star *** - One4Review

In Flagrante – Flagrant Productions  3 Star ***

| On 09, Aug 2013


Flagrant Productions hail from New Zealand and are performing a late night cabaret / burlesque show nightly at Assembly Theatre’s Roxy Venue.

They are six attractive ladies who perform a dozen or more dance routines singularly or in groups to a variety of tracks and music styles while wearing sexy scanty costumes, yet unlike ‘normal’ burlesque all this goes on without the traditional whooping and wolf whistling accompaniment.

All the ingredients are there for an interesting show, but for me it just missed the mark. The routines, although were well drilled did not excite in general and the wickedly funny as in the publicity blurb was posted missing in my opinion.

Now I am not saying this is a poor show because it isn’t, I just felt that the undoubted potential to be a great show was not realised.


Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Roxy Main Theatre

Until 26 August ( not 12, 19)

22.30 to 23.30

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