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Kai Humphries - Shameless 4**** - One4Review

Kai Humphries – Shameless  4****

| On 14, Aug 2013

Geordie born now Edinburgh living conic Kai Humphries is staging his third full length Edinburgh show in the sauna like Balcony at The Gilded Balloon.

Humphries is an amenable comic with a whole host of funny material covering a wide range of subjects and manages to generate laughs along the way with his anecdotes.

Much of his material is self-deprecating on his upbringing, holiday with his mates, a drunken episode at Rockness, visiting the local wildlife in the Indian sub-continent and a visit with a fellow comedian to Pamplona and taking part in the local festival, There are a couple of darker moments along the way as well.

I enjoyed his set as did everyone in the gig I attended, but felt at times he could have gone a little more off script. It was well written, even if I am being ultra critical it didn’t flow as well as some, but he is a likeable guy with a huge personality and a little more audience interaction would have added to this experience for me.

Humphries will be a name comic before long I’m sure and I look forward to seeing him prosper.


Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Balcony

Until 26 August (not 20)

20.45 to 21.45


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